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Gold Country Water

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Service Area: Loomis, CA, & Areas within a 40-Mile Radius

The Purest Spring Water Available

Any distributor can supply you with drinking water, but Gold Country Water provides only the best for our customers throughout the Greater Placer and Sacramento area. We deliver the highest quality California spring water to your home or business. This is pure spring water that tastes great and effectively keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

Glasses Of Distilled Water With Ice

Where Does the Water Come From?

Our water comes from a protected underground spring at an elevation of 4,000 feet in the High Sierra Mountains near Baxter, California. It is chlorine- and fluoride-free, and it has zero sodium per 8-ounce glass. To ensure that our water is also bacteria-free, ozone is added at the source. Rely on us for:

Purified Metropolitan Water - Purified through Reverse Osmosis, Bacteria-Free through Ozonation

Distilled Water - Steam Distilled to Give You the Purest Form of H2O, Bacteria-Free through Ozonation

Enjoy a Complete Selection of Quality Water Products

Quench the thirst of your family and employees with fresh, crystal clear water. With our excellent range of products, you can choose the healthiest alternatives available to your current water supply. Our full range of truly fresh water includes:

• 5-Star Spring Water

• Distilled Water

• Purified Water

• 3-Gallon & 5-Gallon Sizes

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