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Gold Country Water

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Service Area: Loomis, CA, & Areas within a 40-Mile Radius

We Bring the Water to You

Never again worry about running out of water for your commercial or residential water coolers. Gold Country Water provides reliable bottled water delivery in Loomis, California, and areas within 40 miles. We do the hauling so that your visitors, employees, and you always have access to fresh water.

Water Being Poured Into a Glass

Receive Fast & Reliable Bottle Delivery

We supply you with the water you need as quickly and professionally as possible. With the aid of low emission BlueTEC diesel vehicles, we transport our water with minimal impact on the environment. Call us for additional details or to schedule your next delivery.

Get Freshly Produced Water within Days

You can be sure that any water you receive from our company is delivered to your location within days of production. Whether you're looking to supply your home or business, take comfort in knowing that your water is clean, clear, and freshly produced.

Convenient Scheduling

Standard delivery services are usually scheduled once every 3 weeks; however, more frequent delivery scheduling is available. We are committed to providing first-rate customer service so contact us to place an order or to discuss your delivery schedule.

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